The Club has been awarding Major Trophies since soon after its inception. These awards are not made lightly and only when suitable applicants are forthcoming. Each year divisional managers/coaches are invited to nominate participants from their division/s for a major trophy. Having a resume of each nominee, a panel of four or five executive of the Youth Club, Sub-Branch etc (who show impartiality), interview each candidate and then, after awarding marks to each one, the trophies are made to the nominee obtaining the highest score. The first Youth of the Year was awarded in 1965. As mentioned before, the awards are not made lightly and when they are made each winner is most worthy.


Awarded jointly to a senior girl and senior boy considered by the judging panel to best represent the ideals of the Youth Club movement. These trophy winners will usually be long term participants in the Youth Club, showing consideration for fellow members and instructors/coaches, good leadership qualities, assistance with division activities, reliability and participation in Club marches and services.


This Oatley RSL Sub-Branch President’s Trophy is presented to the girl and boy who are runners-up to the Youth of the Year. To be awarded at the committee’s discretion ie no nominations required. The recipient/s should display qualities similar to the Youth of the Year.


Senior /Junior

Named after the late Leonard James Reynolds, Federal Member for Barton (which includes Oatley) from 1958 to 1966. Len Reynolds served in the Royal Australian Air Force 1943 – 1946 in the south-west Pacific area. He was very interested in the youth of his electorate and was a Patron of our Youth club for many years during which he attended all our functions. The trophy, named after LEN REYNOLDS, is awarded to the youth considered to have shown the skill of LEADERSHIP through initiative and commitment to the Youth Club in one division of the Club. There is a Senior and Junior Len Reynolds Trophy.


Senior /Junior

Named after Mr Gibson Jones, President of the Oatley RSL Sub-Branch and Mr Ted Beevors who was Secretary of the Oatley RSL Sub-Branch for 4 years. The trophy named after these two gentlemen is awarded to the youth considered by the judges to have shown reliability and willingness to assist leaders and fellow members of their Youth Club division. There is a Senior and Junior Jones and Beevors Trophy.


Russell Clow became a member of our Youth Club in 1976, at the age of 7 years, as a foundation soccer member. He played in soccer teams for several years and also became interested in the swimming division where he participated for 15 years before he began coaching in this division. Russell gave his time and effort back to the Youth Club from where he had received so much enjoyment as a lad. Russell passed away in September, 1993, at the age of 24 years from melanoma. Tp perpetuate his memory and certainly his Youth Club spirit, this trophy is awarded to the youth chosen and may they return to the Youth Club the spirit, pride and honour that Russell so nobly did.


Senior /Junior

Messrs Atherton and Tate were two Oatley businessmen, who were vitally interested in the young people of oatley and who donated their first trophy to be awarded to the SPORTSPERSON OF THE YEAR. This is therefore awarded to the youth who has attained the highest lvel or levels of participation in a sport or sports from Oatley RSL Youth Club membership during the year. There is a Senior and Junior Atherton Tate Trophy.


These are awarded to all nominees for major trophies.


These are awarded to members who are nominated by their division for outstanding participation which has not been marked by achievement awards elsewhere or by nomination for a major trophy, including Youth Club members who attend the Anzac Day city march and /or Remembrance Sunday.